Product Support and Customer Assistance

We offer product support and customer assistance 365 days a year. 366 on a leap year. Our customers are never alone and have several venues to reach us, such as...
Yes, remember these? Real people at the end of real phone lines. No computer systems in the way, no phone menus. If you end up reaching anything other than a human, it will be our voice mail because our lines are tied up. Rest assured, we'll get back to you right way.
Once our client, we give you direct access to us at a desktop level. We understand the importance of getting something resolved immediately - and sometimes, an email may take too long, a call may not be desired... Skype is how we've addressed it.
Reach us by email anytime. Our emails are always monitored. For support, you can contact If you have a need to attach big files, we can provide a ftp upload location for you.
Check for web forms, contact forms and support forms right in your application. We rarely build an application for you without the ability to contact us right from inside your application. You'll find that on some occasions, the support form may be delivered to someone inside your organization who might escalate an issue if necessary.
For your protection and ours, we have implemented a form of human identification on our site - it allows us to prevent spam, bots and invalid processes from submitting requests.

Please solve the above equation and press send to complete the submission of your message.


ColdFusion Support Developers

Goliath Development maintains several support contracts with clients who have ColdFusion applications. We serve our clients in several capacities... as an extension of their team, as the entire development staff, or as a consultant while a transition or a new hire is sought out.

If we have provided software for you, we provide continual support for you as long as our software is in your environment. However, we'd also like you to consider our support team for any of the following circumstances:

  • If you need temporary off-site support while transitioning a new team member
  • If you are undertaking a large project and have run out of ColdFusion resources in your team
  • If you are transitioning out of ColdFusion and need to support current products
  • If you are considering outsourcing your ColdFusion support team we can work closely with the current management staff and also offer re-hire solutions for the team instead of disolving their jobs
  • If you are considering offering off-site support for your current staff, we can help you along with your process as well as provide software to capture billable hours for your staff