Reaching Out in the Wake of COVID-19

Posted on 03/25/2020

Reaching Out_in_the_Wake_of_COVID-19

Our entire staff wants you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this unprecedented time in history.  If you are watching the news, you’ll know that the pandemic is having an impact in almost every business sector of our country.

Our staff has always worked remotely by design.  Even so – some of our staff now have an additional blessing of having our loved ones home with them.  Our leadership staff wants you to know that there is nothing more important to us than having you take care and partake with your family during this crisis.  For us, it will be business as usual, with the slight modifications created by the current situation.

We are here to help our customers, friends and family.  If there is something we can help you achieve, such as creating a digital process that may help with social distancing – or help your business practice automate something that was previously unavailable, please feel free to reach out. 

Please continue to practice common sense health recommendations, but also be assured that there is a greater power that can guide your fears and worries out of these dark times.  We will continue to pray for health and peace of mind for you and your families.


Angel Gonzalez
Owner / Director, Development
Goliath Development, LLC
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Angel Gonzalez

Owner / Director, Development