Direct and Social Marketing

We create tools that allow you to share information on Social Networks and directly market to a consumer base.

Ever get tired of posting things everywhere? We build CMS Tools that will not only post to your site, but post as originals to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We also build tools that allow you to Share posts instead and keep traffic coming back to your site.

Social Marketing is here to stay and we are proponents of their use. Marketing exclusively on Social Networks can be disastorous. That's why we also create CMS Tools for direct marketing. Did you know you can import all of the emails from your Facebook friends into your proprietary database? We have the tools to do it and the tools to create sleek newsletters and marketing emails to reach your target audience.

Our artists also build impressive drip campaign components you can use to deliver information effectively and timely. Together with our easy to use interfaces, you'll be keeping your customers or potential clients informed way ahead of the game and never having to remember to do so.

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